• Welcome to the Colorado Wetlands Inventory

  • This webpage is the jumping off point for the most comprehensive information available on the extent and distribution of wetlands in Colorado. There are two main sections of the Colorado Wetlands Inventory:

  1. The Colorado Wetlands Inventory Mapping Tool, which displays several different datasets depicting the location and classification of wetlands in Colorado. Digital mapping of wetlands is still limited in our state, but is increasing every year. Through the mapping tool, viewers can see the status of several major wetland mapping efforts and the actual mapped polygons. Datasets displayed in the mapping tool include:

    In addition to the wetland datasets, the Colorado Wetlands Inventory Mapping Tool includes two data products created by CNHP:

    • Potential Conservation Areas (PCAs) drawn for wetland and riparian dependent elements. These PCAs represent wetland and riparian areas with high biodiversity value across Colorado.
    • Modeled Intensity of Wetland Stressors. This statewide model that integrates stress form transportation networks, development, resource extraction, and hydrologic modification into one seamless map, highlighting areas of high potential stress and low potential stress for aquatic resources.

    As a background, users can choose between streets, aerial photos, and topographic maps. Users can also toggle on and off supplemental information including county boundaries, two levels of USGS Hydrologic Units (river basins and subbasins), two levels of EPA Ecoregions, and COMaP general land ownership.
  2. The Colorado Wetlands Inventory Profiles and Summary Page (this webpage), which compiles and summarizes available wetland information shown in the mapping tool. Wetland profiles and summary information are available at three different geographic scales:

    • Major River Basins (modified HUC4s)
    • River Subbasins (HUC8s)
    • Counties

    Four different summary reports are available for each geographic scale:
    • Wetland profiles that describe the general geography of the area, the extent of wetland mapping, and the acreage of various wetland classes mapped by National Wetland Inventory
    • A list of CNHP’s wetland and riparian dependent PCAs within the area, including a link to the individual PCA reports
    • A list of CNHP’s tracked wetland and riparian dependent elements (plants, animals, and natural communities) found within the area, including a count of known occurrences
    • A list of CNHP reports for projects that include information on wetland and riparian areas either within the specific area or applicable across the state or region

    To access the profiles and summary reports, select on a geographic scale of interest from the menus above. Once the area of interest is selected, you will be directed to the wetland profile page. To view CNHP data summaries, pick from the list on the left sidebar.
  • Please explore and let us know what you think of the new tool! Questions or comments can be addressed to Joanna Lemly, CNHP Wetland Ecologist, Joanna Lemly (joanna.lemly@colostate.edu)