Myotis evotis


Scope Severity Immediacy
Low Low High
Summary Rank: G

Myotis evotis is a roost generalist using a variety of rock crevices and cavities in the Western U.S. (Chruszcz and Barclay 2002, Rancourt et al. 2005, Solick and Barclay 2006) as well as tree snags and stumps (Chung-MacCoubrey 2005, Arnett & Hayes 2009).  In CO this species was found to select rock crevices over tree snags in western CO when both were available (Chung-MacCoubrey 2008; O'Shea et al. In Press; Snider et al. in prep).  Because M. evotis often uses rock crevices situated in low lying boulders rather than cliff faces, disturbances to these structures, such as road and housing development, could be more likely than it would to cliff dwelling species.  However, the overall population should be largely unaffected by these slow developing practices because of this bats solitary nature and the relative remoteness of most roost structures.

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