Antrozous pallidus


Scope Severity Immediacy
Low Low High
Summary Rank: G

Although records for A. pallidus document them using buildings, bridges, and mines in CO on occasion, most of these bats are likely roosting in rock crevices and shallow caves as seen  in AZ (Vaughan and O'Shea (1976; O'Shea and Vaughan 1977).  Due to the remote, often inaccessible, nature of these roosts external disturbances should rarely occur as with other cliff dwelling species within the state.  When external disturbances do occur alternate roosts that are already established will likely keep negative impacts to a minimum for maternity colonies.  However, loss of habitat by threats such as water impoundment could affect local populations significantly.  Although recreational climbing could cause a disturbance outside of roosts internal conflicts are unlikely.

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