Myotis lucifugus

Internal Disturbances

Scope Severity Immediacy
Low Moderate High
Summary Rank: E

Because M. lucifugus is known to use caves in CO in at least modest numbers this species is of high concern due to its vulnerability to White-nose syndrome which may be introduced by humans entering the cave used by the bats.  In additin, swarming behavior has been documented at a cave in CO (Navo et al. 2002) and may provide an opportunity for large numbers of individuals from a local population to come into contact with each other.  Although WNS has not been detected in CO it has been isolated in Oklahoma and will likely make its way to the state.  This species is considered to be at risk of local extinction in the Eastern U.S. due to WNS (Frick et al 2010).  Thus, to maintain efforts of reducing the spread of WNS through caves in CO known to be used by this species entry by humans into such structures should be closely regulated and highly justified.

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