Tadarida brasiliensis

Cave Access Management(grating)

Scope Severity Immediacy
Low Low High
Summary Rank: G

Gating caves should be done with care so as not to discourage continued use by bats (Richter et al. 1993; Pugh & Altringham 2005).  Large colonies using caves in other states are vulnerable to bad gate designs.  However, very low numbers of Tadarida occurred in caves that were surveyed in CO (Siemers 2002).  CO appears to be on the fringe of this species range and little is known about its roost use here other than the large bachelor colony at the Orient Mine and a maternity colony using a building in Grand Junction (Adams & Thibault 1999).  It is likely that this species utilizes many shallow caves throughout the state that do not recieve recreational pressure and are situated in remote areas of canyon country that is unlikely to be disturbed.

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