Myotis californicus

Cave Access Management(grating)

Scope Severity Immediacy
Insignificant Insignificant Insignificant
Summary Rank: H

Myotis californicus roosts primarily in rock crevices and caves across the western U.S. (Bogan et al. 2003).  Very little is known about this species roosting habits in CO.  In 2006, Chung-MacCoubrey (2008) tracked one individual to three rock crevice roosts in the Book Cliffs north of Mack, CO.  In CO, Siemers (2002) did not observe this species using caves suggesting that other structures, such as rock crevices or tree snags, may be used to a greater extent.  The species is also known to use mines in the state on occasion.  Impacts to this species from cave related disturbances are probably minimal in extent.  

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