Antrozous pallidus

Cave Access Management(grating)

Scope Severity Immediacy
Insignificant Insignificant Insignificant
Summary Rank: H

Although records for Antozous pallidus document them using buildings, bridges, and mines in CO on occasion, most of these bats are likely roosting in rock crevices and shallow caves as seen  in AZ (Vaughan and O'Shea (1976; O'Shea and Vaughan 1977).  A. pallidus was not found using caves in CO during surveys conducted by Siemers (2002).  This species is generally encountered at lower elevations of semidesert habitat in southeastern and western CO where caves typically have shallow dimensions and are not used for recreational purposes.  Schorr (2010) documented this bat using rock crevices on high cliffs in the canyon country of SE CO.  Consequently, gating or access issues to roosts is unlikely.

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