CNHP Zoology Team

Jeremy Siemers catches bats


CNHP’s zoologists work throughout Colorado to document locations of our critical animal resources. Data are used to establish baselines for geographic units, document range extensions, and for development of distribution models. Projects include inventory for all animal taxa and occur through partnerships with numerous government agencies and private organizations.


CNHP’s Zoology Team is involved in monitoring the status of some of Colorado’s rare animals. Current projects include monitoring breeding sites throughout Colorado of the state-endangered Boreal Toad, population monitoring of the Preble’s Meadow Jumping Mouse on the U.S. Air Force Academy, and population monitoring of the Pawnee Montane Skipper. CNHP’s monitoring efforts provide information and feedback that are critical for the management of our animal resources throughout the state.


CNHP zoologists work to answer conservation-related questions concerning Colorado’s animals. Projects often focus on obtaining a better understanding of the natural history of species. Other management-based projects include evaluating the effects of energy development on wildlife, investigating the influence of disease on amphibian populations, and habitat use investigations of amphibians, bats, lizards, and small mammals in relation to management actions.

Tracked Vertebrates

Tracked Invertebrates