CNHP Conservation Data Services Team (CDS)

The CDS Team at CNHP specializes in GIS mapping, data management, and related computer services for recording and presenting biological and natural resource information. Contact our team for more details. Some of the services we provide include:

Free, downloadable coarse-level map and species/community list information

Finer-level locational and related information upon request

Maintaining and updating CNHP's comprehensive mapping and observational database

CNHP houses and continuously updates the Biotics 4 mapping and database software for Colorado, as part of the multi-national NatureServe Network, providing the most comprehensive source of locational information about imperiled species and ecological communities in Colorado. We work closely with government and private land managers and owners to provide a central clearinghouse to collect and compare information on these vital biological resources across jurisdictional and land ownership boundaries in Colorado.

Creating customized mapping, database, and website products

The CNHP CDS team also creates customized mapping, database, and website products to aid clients in managing biological resources, and/or analyzing biological field sampling data. Some examples of the products that we have created for clients include:

  • CNHP Hyperlink Tool - allows users with GIS mapping software to see more detailed information about a mapped species or habitat in our database with the click of a mouse.
  • National Park Service Endangered Species Act Database- helping the NPS keep track of endangered species nation-wide. Click Here to see a basic overview of how the NPS ESA database is used.
  • BLM T&E SOMC Database - helps the BLM track federally listed Threatened and Endangered species, and designated Species of Management Concern on BLM managed lands.