CNHP Botany Team

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About the CNHP Botany Team - our team tracks the location and condition of over 500 globally and/or state imperiled plants in an effort to guide effective management and protection of those species and thereby prevent extinctions or statewide extirpations of Colorado’s native plant species. While our expertise is primarily with field surveys for rare native plants, we also conduct monitoring studies, produce models, and develop detailed maps for rare plants as well as Colorado State Noxious Weeds. We are active members of the Colorado Rare Plant Conservation Initiative, the Colorado Rare Plant Technical Committee, the Colorado Weed Advisory Committee, and NatureServe. We work closely with botanists across Colorado in an effort to ensure the most comprehensive and accurate data sets on Colorado rare flora.

Colorado Rare Plant Conservation Initiative Website - below is a list of documents that CNHP staff authored and/or co-authored for the Colorado Rare Plant Conservation Initiative. Left-click to view, and right-click to download.

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