Heritage Status: Global Rank: GH

  • New profiles can be selected by clicking on the species name. The original 1997 profiles from the Colorado Rare Plant Field Guide (the purple book) are provided as pdfs. Synonyms of scientific names are shown in parentheses. For a complete list of plants tracked by CNHP see CNHP Tracked Plants.
    USFS = USFS Sensitive; BLM = BLM Sensitive
State Scientific Name State Common Name Heritage Rank FedSens Agency Status USESA Listing 1997 Profile
Oenothera kleinii Wolf Creek evening primrose  GUGHQ      PDF
Oreocarya aperta
(Cryptantha aperta)
Grand Junction cat's-eye  GH      PDF
Penstemon parviflorus small-flower beardtongue  GH      PDF
Rorippa coloradensis Colorado watercress  GH      PDF