The State of Colorado’s Biodiversity

In order to assist the Colorado office of The Nature Conservancy with their “Measures of Success” program, and to provide biodiversity status information to other organizations in Colorado, the Colorado Natural Heritage Program has developed a prototype analysis of the status of Colorado’s biodiversity, using a “scorecard” approach. Following the three-part model of “effective conservation” developed by The Nature Conservancy, our scorecard evaluated the status of ecological systems, animals, and rare plants under three broad categories: 1) Biodiversity status – including size, quality; and landscape integrity 2) Threat status – focused on both current and potential future impacts; and 3) Protection status. Plants, animals, and ecological systems can only be considered effectively conserved when their biodiversity status is viable, threats have been abated, and land management/protection is sufficient to ensure the long-term persistence of the element. Click on the link below to see the latest version of our scorecard prototype.