Draba rectifructa
Author: C.L. Hitchc.

Mountain draba

Brassicaceae (mustard family)

Close up of Draba rectifructa by Susan Spackman Panjabi

Taxonomic Comments

There is some evidence of hybridization between populations of D. rectifructa and D. albertina in Utah (Flora of North America 2010).

Ranks and Status

Global rank: G3G4
State rank: S3
Federal protection status: None
State protection status: None

Description and Phenology

Draba rectifructa by Teresa Burkert

General description: Draba rectifructa is an annual, with simple stems, 0.5-4  dm tall, and yellow flowers, fading to white. Petal and sepals are about 2 mm long. Plants are pubescent with simple and 2-4 rayed trichomes.  Plants have basal and cauline leaves, which are about 1-2 cm long. Fruits are about 7 mm long, pubescent, lanceolate and flattened (Flora of North America 2010, pers. comm. Burkert 2012).

Look Alikes: Draba rectifructa is similar to D. nemorosa in pubescence of stems and leaves, and like D. stenoloba var. nana (=D. albertina) in the tendency to have a small but well-developed rosette (Goodrich and Neese 1986).

Phenology: Flowering April-August throughout its range (FNA 1993+, Colorado Natural Heritage Program 2012).


Habitat of Draba rectifructa: not available

Draba rectifructa occurs in the mountains on gravelly soil (Harrington 1954). The species is found in sagebrush and mixed shrublands in openings within montane forests (Lodgepole pine, Aspen, mixed conifer) with a variety of grasses and forbs (CNHP 2012).

Elevation Range: 5,689 - 11,306 feet (1,734 - 3,446 meters)


Colorado endemic: No
Global range: Utah (from counties along the central upland, the Wasatch Plateau, and Wasatch Mtns.), northern Arizona, northern New Mexico, and Colorado.
State range: Known in Colorado from the following 12 counties: Chaffee, Custer, Eagle, Grand, Huerfano, Lake, Mesa, Mineral, Rio Grande, Saguache, Summit, and Teller.
Distribution of Draba rectifructa in Colorado according to mapped land ownership/management boundaries (CNHP 2012, COMaP v9 ).

Distribution of Draba rectifructa in Colorado

Threats and Management Issues

Unknown, although habitat may be threatened by development as it is fairly low elevation. One herbarium label states that use of the area where collected is "heavy."


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