Astragalus jejunus
Author: S. Wats.

starveling milkvetch

Fabaceae (Pea Family)

Close up of Astragalus jejunus by Lynn Kinter
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Ranks and Status

Global rank: G3
State rank: S1
Federal protection status: None
State protection status: None

[+] Description and Phenology

Astragalus jejunus: no artwork available

General description: Low-growing, densely tufted, multi-stemmed perennial with a woody, branching caudex and stout taproot.  Inflorescence a 3-7 flowered raceme;  flowers 5-7 mm long; calyx tube 1.5-2 mm long, banner purple, wings white, keel lavender.  Pods bladdery-inflated, papery, purplish or red-mottled, almost spherical. The rachises of the leaves of the previous year persist as dried straws, but they are hardly rigid or spine-like.  The terminal leaflets are continuous with the rachis. (Ackerfield 2012, Weber and Wittmann 2012, Spackman and Anderson 2002).

Look Alikes: A.wetherillii has oval leaflets and does not have mottled pods.

Phenology: Flowers May through July (Cronquist 1989, Ackerfield 2012).

[+] Habitat

Habitat of Astragalus jejunus by Lynn Kinter, taken in Idaho
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Found on dry hilltops, gullied bluffs, and barren ridges or river terraces, on tuff, shale, sandstone, or clays (Cronquist 1989).
Uncommon in sandy or clay soil, often with sagebrush or juniper, 6500-7000 ft. (Ackerfield 2012).

Elevation Range: 6,634 - 6,824 feet (2,022 - 2,080 meters)

[+] Distribution

Distribution of Astragalus jejunus in Colorado.
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Colorado endemic: No
Global range: This species is known from Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah and Nevada (USDA NRCS 2012).
State range: Known in Colorado only from Moffat County.

[+] Threats and Management Issues

Threats have not been documented for the plants known from Colorado.

[+] References

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