Sphaeromeria capitata
Author: Nutt.


Asteraceae (Sunflower Family)

Close up of Sphaeromeria capitata by Robert Dorn
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Taxonomic Comments

Recent research supports the placement of Sphaeromeria in Artemisia (Garcia et.al. 2011).

Ranks and Status

Global rank: G4
State rank: S1
Federal protection status: BLM Sensitive
State protection status: None

[+] Description and Phenology

Sphaeromeria capitata by Kaye Thorne
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General description: Sphaeromeria capitata is a densely caespitose, perennial herb, up to 12 cm tall, with yellow flowers.  The flower heads are solitary and on the ends of subscapose branches.  Leaves are mainly basal, 4-10 mm long, with narrow linear lobes.  Cauline leaves are entire and reduced upward.

Look Alikes: Sphaeromeria argentea has several flower heads, and wider and shorter leaf lobes.

Phenology: Flowers June through July (Cronquist 1994, Colorado Natural Heritage Program 2012).

[+] Herbarium Photos

Images of Sphaeromeria capitata housed at the Colorado State University Herbarium.

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[+] Habitat

Habitat of Sphaeromeria capitata courtesy of the Colorado Natural Areas Program
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Dry, rocky hills, and desert flats in silty soils. Associated taxa include Artemisia, Atriplex, Haplopappus, Cryptantha, Agropyron, Eriogonum, Oxytropis, and Machaeranthera.

Elevation Range: 6,667 - 7,835 feet (2,032 - 2,388 meters)

[+] Distribution

Distribution of Sphaeromeria capitata in Colorado according to mapped land ownership/management boundaries (CNHP 2012, COMaP v9 ).
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Distribution of Sphaeromeria capitata in Colorado
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Colorado endemic: No
Global range: This species is known from Wyoming, southwestern Montana, northwestern Colorado, and disjunct onto the Utah Plateaus in Garfield Co, Utah (Cronquist et al. 1994, USDA NRCS 2012).
State range: Only known from Moffat County in Colorado.

[+] Threats and Management Issues

Potentially threatened by oil and gas development (Colorado Natural Heritage Program 2012).

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