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Internet Data Delivery Workshop

Leadership Conference 2004
"Charting a Path Forward"
November 17, 2004

National Science Foundation

Final Comments

Session Wrap-up

1) Overview/highlights of three focus group discussions by facilitators:
     Group 1 - Criteria for User Authorization: Lori Scott
     Group 2 - Refining the Data Access Matrix: Melissa Landon
     Group 3 - Sustainability Models: Bruce Stein

2) General comments and input from participants

Please see Summary Section for details.

Melissa: The results from this workshop will also be posted to a website by the end of January 2005.  I will work with NatureServe to send a notice out on the various listservs when that website is available for your review.  I would like to thank all of you for hanging in with us today for the entire session.  Your continued input and feedback is important and valuable to NatureServe as they move forward with this project.

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