Internet-based Biodiversity Database Workshop:
   an assessment of needs and tools
  April 24 - 27, 2000

Principal Investigators: 
Dr. Barry Baker, Dr. Patricia Mehlhop, and Dr. Pradip Srimani 
Associate Investigators: 
Ms. Margaret Beer, Ms. Mary Klein, and Mr. Robert Solomon
Sponsored by: 
National Science Foundation grant DBI-9975496
Colorado State University, Colorado Natural Heritage Program 
University of New Mexico, New Mexico Natural Heritage Program 
Colorado State University, Computer Science Department 


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Sept. 26th

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Workshop Information:

Workshop Background, Goals, Objectives, & Results  
Overview of Daily Activities
Speakers' Biographical Sketches
Investigators' Biographical Sketches

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Workshop-affiliated Home pages: 

Organizing Institutions
Association for Biodiversity Information
Colorado Natural Heritage Program,CSU
Computer Science Department, CSU
Montana Natural Heritage Program, MSL
New Mexico Natural Heritage Program, UNM

Speakers' Organizations
Arizona Heritage Data Management System
Association for Biodiversity Information
California Natural Heritage Program
Computer Science Department, Colorado State University
Environmental Systems Research Institute
ERIN Environment Australia
Instituto Nacional de Biodiversidad (INBio)
Montana Natural Heritage Program
National Biological Information Infrastructure, USGS
New Mexico Natural Heritage Program
New York Natural Heritage Program
North American Biodiversity Information Network
University of Illinois, Geographic Modeling Systems Lab
University of Kansas, Natural History Museum
US Fish and Wildlife Service
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Internet-based Biodiversity Database Workshop
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