Internet-based Biodiversity Database Workshop April 24 - 27, 2000

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As might be expected, the list of users of data collected and maintained by the ABI-CDCs (Association for Biodiversity Information - Conservation Data Centres) included a wide list of federal, state, and local governmental agencies, private individuals, consulting firms, corporations, conservation organizations, educational institutions, and museums. Users within the ABI network were also identified, such as, individual CDCs, regional offices, and the biological and information science departments of the central office.


The questions (see Table of Contents) presented to the participants were designed to illicit responses to the following set of questions; "What data are needed?", "How would the data be used?", "How should the data be accessed?", "How should the data be delivered?", "What additional ancillary/supporting data or datasets are needed?", and "What would be included in a perfect web-based data system?" The compiled responses to these question can be viewed through the links below.