Internet-based Biodiversity Database Workshop April 24 - 27, 2000

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The focus of the Tuesday session was to identify and prioritize the central issues driving the need for an internet-based data system. The discussions focused on a more systematic and detailed enumeration of needs such as identifying data users and providers, potential inter-jurisdictional data discrepancies, developing a process for resolving discrepancies, desired content, human and financial issues or constraints, political implications, data sensitivity, international issues, and management of personnel and information.

A set of questions were developed and distributed to the participants prior to the workshop. They were asked to consider the questions ahead of time and bring their answers to the workshop for the breakout sessions.

All participants were randomly assigned among six working groups for the Tuesday breakout sessions. An effort was made to try to get an even distribution of representative agencies among the six breakout groups (Table 1).

Three breakout sessions were conducted to identify the user community and user needs, identify technological and non-technological constraints, and constraint prioritization. After each breakout session the participants came together in plenary to present their results.

During the constraint prioritization session the participants identified and developed a list of the four most limiting constraints. Reports were presented in plenary and the most limiting constraints were identified from the group lists.

A post conference meeting was held on Thursday afternoon to discuss the prioritized constraint list. Results of the meeting are presented in the Post Conference Synthesis chapter of this document.