Internet-based Biodiversity Database Workshop April 24 - 27, 2000

Enterprise Information Portals

James Wakefield

Technical Account Manager, Oracle

Enterprise Portals promise to tame the proliferation of information and solve Intranet chaos to further business advantage. Enterprise Portals are conceptually similar to Internet portals, such as MyYahoo! and MyExcite. Internet portals enable site visitors to customize their view of the resources available on the Internet. Enterprise Portals provide a personalized window into the enterprise for each user or class of users, based on job functions, roles, or other relevant criteria.

An Enterprise Portal offers one-stop shopping for knowledge workers. The Portal is both a gateway to and a destination on the enterprise network that provides transparent, tailored access to distributed digital resources. An Enterprise Portal improves efficiency and empowers users to complete their jobs faster, better, and more effectively. It does this by tailoring the working environment to meet user needs and optimizing the interaction, distribution, and management of internal and external resources.

Oracle WebDB 3.0, the centerpiece of Oracle' s Enterprise Portal solution, provides organizations with a comprehensive, modular, and extensible framework for integrating and leveraging applications and information. It enables companies to improve efficiency and empower users to better meet the demands of their jobs. By effectively hosting information and application assets, including legacy applications, and then customizing the end-user experience, organizations that implement Oracle WebDB 3.0 as the framework for their Enterprise Portal can increase efficiency, lower costs, reduce overhead, and expect a high return on investment dollars.