Internet-based Biodiversity Database Workshop April 24 - 27, 2000

BIOTICS GIS Interface with BCD

Nick Conrad

Information Manager, New York Natural Heritage Program

BIOTICS is a customized application, using ArcView GIS as its front end and an Oracle database to store attribute data, which provides standardized GIS tools and methods for Heritage Programs and CDC's to manage spatial Element Occurrence data. BIOTICS incorporates new functionality to create, edit and delete map features which represent Element Occurrences following the new Heritage/CDC spatial data model. BIOTICS also automates the calculation of spatial attributes of Element Occurrences, and partially automates the export of these spatial attributes to the EOR file in BCD via an ASCII file. Non-spatial data is entered into the EOR in BCD, and exported to tables in BIOTICS via another ASCII file. Because of BCD's Advanced Revelation platform, BCD and BIOTICS in effect maintain two separate databases of EO information, with regular data exports between them. For general use, The New York Natural Heritage Program creates an ArcInfo coverage of EO's, using the map features from BIOTICS and the attribute data from BCD.