Internet-based Biodiversity Database Workshop April 24 - 27, 2000

GIS on the World Wide Web

Peter Bottenberg and Boykin Witherspoon III

Project Manager, Environmental Group, Professional Services ESRI
Consultant, Environmental Group, Professional Services ESRI

ESRI's products Internet Map Server (IMS) and Spatial Database Engine (SDE) are designed to disseminate spatial information over the World Wide Web (WWW). IMS / SDE basically work on top of most common RDMS including Oracle, Access and MS Sequel Server. IMS / SDE allows administrators and users to develop on several server platforms and to utilize a variety of client configurations. IMS / SDE delivers basic mapping function over the WWW including the ability to pan, zoom and identify features as well as some more advanced functions such as the ability to create features and edit notes.

ESRI's professional service group have helped in developing many state of the art Internet mapping applications utilizing this technology including projects for the US Census Bureau and the National Geographic Society. ESRI is currently developing custom applications for several clients that push the concepts of Internet mapping technology. These include processes for collecting data from the field, assembling that data through the Internet into enterprise databases with integrated geospatial references, server side modeling of data to add value and geospatial dissemination through the Internet. These concepts take full advantage of the Internets migration to a wireless domain and advancements in GPS enabled field data logging Equipment. These projects combine ESRI's IMS / SDE technology with ESRI's new ArcPad data logging technology.