CNHP Tracked Mussel and Clam Species

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State Scientific Name State Common Name Global Rank State Rank Fed List Status BLM/ USFS Sensitive Status State List Status CNHP Element Sensitive CNHP Tracking Status
Acroloxus coloradensis Rocky Mountain Capshell G3G4 S1 - USFS SC N Fully Tracked
Anodonta grandis Giant Floater G5 S2 - - - N Fully Tracked
Anodontoides ferussacianus Cylindrical Papershell G5 S2 - - SC N Fully Tracked
Ferrissia fragilis Fragile Ancylid G5Q S1 - - - N Fully Tracked
Ferrissia walkeri Cloche Ancylid G4G5Q S3 - - - N Fully Tracked
Lymnaea stagnalis Swampy Lymnaea G5 S2 - - - N Fully Tracked
Physa cupreonitens Hot Springs Physa G5Q S2 - - - N Fully Tracked
Physa skinneri Glass Physa G5 S2 - - - N Fully Tracked
Physa utahensis Banded Physa G5T2 S1 - - - N Fully Tracked
Pisidium sanguinichristi Sangre de Cristo Peaclam G1Q SNA - - - N Fully Tracked
Promenetus exacuous Sharp Sprite G5 S2 - - - N Fully Tracked
Promenetus umbilicatellus Umbilicate Sprite G4 S3 - - - N Fully Tracked
Uniomerus tetralasmus Pondhorn G5 S1 - - - N Fully Tracked
Valvata sincera Mossy Valvata G5 S3 - - - N Fully Tracked