Educator Resources

  • Teacher’s Guide to Wetland Activities - a resource for 4th to 6th grade classes focused on interactive lessons that can be taught from inside a classroom.
  • For High School Chemistry Educators - The University of Scranton has a series of modules focused around the concept of Green Chemistry (that it is better to develop chemical products that are not toxic to the environment than it is to try to figure out how to dispose of all toxic chemicals safely) called Greening Across the Chemistry Curriculum. This site includes modules on a variety of chemistry disciplines (organic chemistry, biochemistry, industrial chemistry, polymer chemistry, etc.).
  • EPA’s Wetland Reading List - which is broken up into Pre-K to Grade 2, Grades 3-5, Grades 6-8, and High School reading levels.
  • EPA’s Nonpoint Source Pollution Awareness Quiz: What’s Wrong with This Picture? This interactive image allows kids to click on the mistakes the people in the picture are making, and learn what the person in the image is doing wrong – and what they could do better.
  • EPA’s Wetland Inhabitant Word Search – a printable PDF with a word search including the names of common wetland inhabitants.
  • EPA’s A World in Our Backyard provides resources (chapters and associated activities) for educators to convey the characteristics of wetlands, why wetlands are important and what students can do to help protect a local wetland.