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CNHP conducts numerous studies on botany, zoology, ecology, and conservation planning. Many projects are specifically focused on wetland ecosystems and habitats. The list below includes all reports that focus on wetland and riparian areas within the Jackson

2012 Reports

Report TitleAuthors
North Platte River Basin Wetland Profile and Condition AssessmentJoanna Lemly and Laurie Gilligan

2010 Reports

Report TitleAuthors
Identification and Assessment of Important Wetlands within the North Platte River Watershed 2009-2010Culver D., K. Decker, J. Sovell, J. Bell, J. Huggins and J. Parker.

2006 Reports

Report TitleAuthors
Eriophorum gracile W. D. J. Koch (slender cottongrass): A Technical Conservation AssessmentDecker, K., D. Culver, and D.G. Anderson
Utricularia minor L. (lesser bladderwort): A Technical Conservation AssessmentNeid, S.

1998 Reports

Report TitleAuthors
A Classification of the Riparian Vegetation of the South Platte and Republican River Basins, ColoradoKittel, G. E. VanWie, M. Damm

1996 Reports

Report TitleAuthors
Routt National Forest Riparian Vegetation ClassificationKettler, S. and A. Mc Mullen