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Alamosa County

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CNHP conducts numerous studies on botany, zoology, ecology, and conservation planning. Many projects are specifically focused on wetland ecosystems and habitats. The list below includes all reports that focus on wetland and riparian areas within the Alamosa

2012 Reports

Report TitleAuthors
Assessment of Wetland Condition on the Rio Grande National ForestJoanna Lemly

2004 Reports

Report TitleAuthors
Survey and Assessment of the "Alamosa Marshes" area, San Luis Valley, CORocchio, J.
Survey of Critical Wetlands and Riparian Areas in Southern Alamosa and Costilla Counties, San Luis Valley, ColoradoRocchio, J.
Wetland Classification of Blanca Wetlands, San Luis Valley, ColoradoRocchio, J.

1999 Reports

Report TitleAuthors
A Classification of Riparian Plant Associations of the Rio Grande and Closed Basin Watersheds, ColoradoKittel, G., VanWie, E., Damm, M., Rondeau, R., Kettler, S., Sanderson, J.