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The Upper Colorado-Kane Springs Subbasin

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[+] Mapped Wetland Area

Wetland Mapping Summary

Area of mapped wetlands 0 acres
Percent of basin mapped as wetlands 0%

Wetland Area by Type (acres)

Freshwater Herbaceous no NWI mapping
Freshwater Shrub no NWI mapping
Freshwater Forested no NWI mapping
Ponds no NWI mapping
Lakes no NWI mapping
Rivers no NWI mapping
Other no NWI mapping

Wetland Area Mapped with Modifiers (acres)

Excavated no NWI mapping
Dammed no NWI mapping
Ditched/Drained no NWI mapping
Farmed no NWI mapping
Modified by Beaver no NWI mapping

[+] Wetland Landscape Stressors

Weltand Area by Stressor Class (acres)

No Stress222%
Low Stress1,00072%
Moderate Stress26019%
High Stress715%
Severe Stress342%

[+] River Subbasin Geography and Land Ownership

Total Area and Elevation Range

Total Area 1,388 acres 6 sq km
Maximum elevation 7,522 ft 2,293 m
Minimum elevation 7,271 ft 2,217 m
Average elevation 7,376 ft 2,249 m

Land Ownership (acres)

Total Federal Lands 216 16%
 Bureau of Land Management21616%
  Total Forest Service Lands 0 None
Total State 0 None
City, County, and Other Local Government Lands 0 None
Land Trusts and Non-Governmental Organizations 0 None
Tribal Lands 0 None
Private Lands 1,172 84%

Ecoregions (acres)

20: Colorado Plateaus 1,388100%
 20a: Monticello-Cortez Uplands1,388100%