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The Upper Lodgepole Subbasin

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[+] Mapped Wetland Area

Wetland Mapping Summary

Area of mapped wetlands 15 acres
Percent of basin mapped as wetlands < 1%

Wetland Area by Type (acres)

Freshwater Herbaceous1067%
Freshwater Shrub 0None
Freshwater Forested 0None
Ponds 0None
Lakes 0None
Rivers 0None
Other 533%

Wetland Area Mapped with Modifiers (acres)

Excavated 0None
Dammed 0< 1%
Ditched/Drained 0None
Farmed 0None
Modified by Beaver 0None

[+] Wetland Landscape Stressors

Weltand Area by Stressor Class (acres)

No Stress3072%
Low Stress3,30622%
Moderate Stress5,86040%
High Stress4,42730%
Severe Stress8926%

[+] River Subbasin Geography and Land Ownership

Total Area and Elevation Range

Total Area 14,793 acres 60 sq km
Maximum elevation 5,574 ft 1,699 m
Minimum elevation 5,188 ft 1,582 m
Average elevation 5,315 ft 1,620 m

Land Ownership (acres)

Total Federal Lands 0 None
  Total Forest Service Lands 0 None
Total State 754 5%
 Colorado State Land Board7545%
City, County, and Other Local Government Lands 0 None
Land Trusts and Non-Governmental Organizations 0 None
Tribal Lands 0 None
Private Lands 14,039 95%

Ecoregions (acres)

25: High Plains 14,793100%
 25c: Moderate Relief Plains5,92240%
 25d: Flat to Rolling Plains8,87160%