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Hinsdale County

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[+] Mapped Wetland Area

Wetland Mapping Summary

Area of mapped wetlands 28,632 acres
Percent of basin mapped as wetlands 4%

Wetland Area by Type (acres)

Freshwater Herbaceous12,51844%
Freshwater Shrub 9,81134%
Freshwater Forested 13< 1%
Ponds 2,4639%
Lakes 3,48812%
Rivers 3121%
Other 27< 1%

Wetland Area Mapped with Modifiers (acres)

Excavated 55< 1%
Dammed 3,36512%
Ditched/Drained 0None
Farmed 0None
Modified by Beaver 9933%

[+] Wetland Landscape Stressors

Weltand Area by Stressor Class (acres)

No Stress227,74832%
Low Stress393,93355%
Moderate Stress58,1888%
High Stress24,5493%
Severe Stress15,0952%

[+] County Geography and Land Ownership

Total Area and Elevation Range

Total Area 719,514 acres 2,912 sq km
Maximum elevation 14,317 ft 4,365 m
Minimum elevation 7,575 ft 2,309 m
Average elevation 10,900 ft 3,323 m

Land Ownership (acres)

Total Federal Lands 684,953 95%
 Bureau of Land Management126,01118%
  Total Forest Service Lands 558,941 78%
  Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre, and Gunnison National Forests174,39524%
  Rio Grande National Forest201,37228%
  San Juan National Forest183,17425%
Total State 2,457 < 1%
 Colorado Division of Wildlife2,457< 1%
City, County, and Other Local Government Lands 0 None
Land Trusts and Non-Governmental Organizations 0 None
Tribal Lands 0 None
Private Lands 32,104 4%

Ecoregions (acres)

21: Southern Rockies 719,514100%
 21a: Alpine Zone253,31135%
 21b: Crystalline Subalpine Forests51,0347%
 21d: Foothill Shrublands2,761< 1%
 21e: Sedimentary Subalpine Forests43,4466%
 21f: Sedimentary Mid-Elevation Forests30,8204%
 21g: Volcanic Subalpine Forests276,51138%
 21h: Volcanic Mid-Elevation Forests60,5078%
 21j: Grassland Parks1,124< 1%