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The Upper Colorado-Dolores Basin

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Potential Conservation Areas (PCAs) are delineated around important elements of biodiversity (plants, animals or natural communities). The list below includes all PCAs within the basin created for wetland and riparian dependent elements. This list represents wetlands and riparian areas with the highest known biodiversity value in the area.

PCA NameBiodiversity SignificancePCA Report
Dolores Canyon SouthB1Report
Big Bucktail CreekB2Report
Coyote WashB2Report
Dolores Canyon-Slick Rock to BedrockB2Report
Dolores River at Ferris CanyonB2Report
Dolores River at Negro DrawB2Report
Escalante CanyonB2Report
Groundhog CreekB2Report
La Sal CreekB2Report
McIntyre CanyonB2Report
Mee CanyonB2Report
Pinon MesaB2Report
Pinon Mesa CanyonsB2Report
San Miguel BasinB2Report
San Miguel River at Tabeguache CreekB2Report
Unaweep SeepB2Report
Uravan WestB2Report
Beaver Creek at Beaver MesaB3Report
Beaver Creek at Willow SpringB3Report
Cottonwood DrawB3Report
Dawson Draw Canyon EastB3Report
Dolores River at Snow SpurB3Report
Dove CreekB3Report
Fish Creek at Black MesaB3Report
Glade Canyon SpringB3Report
Granite CreekB3Report
Lower Coal CreekB3Report
Middle San Miguel CanyonB3Report
Morrison Creek at Lone ConeB3Report
Plateau Creek at Beaver CreekB3Report
Rock SpringB3Report
San Miguel River at Cottonwood CreekB3Report
San Miguel River at South ForkB3Report
San Miguel River/Clay Creek to Horsefly CreekB3Report
South Fork San Miguel RiverB3Report
Upper Fish Creek below Dunn PeakB3Report
Upper Plateau CreekB3Report
West Dolores CampgroundB3Report
West Dolores River at Deadman DrawB3Report
West Dolores River at DuntonB3Report
Barlow CreekB4Report
Bean CanyonB4Report
Bear CreekB4Report
Beaver Creek/Lone ConeB4Report
Bilk BasinB4Report
Cottonwood Creek at UteB4Report
Cumberland BasinB4Report
Dolores Canyon South of Slick RockB4Report
Dolores River at Peterson SlideB4Report
Dolores River at Scotch CreekB4Report
Fish Creek at Dunn PeakB4Report
Glade LakeB4Report
Grindstone FensB4Report
Lake Fork at Trout LakeB4Report
Lakes at Bolam PassB4Report
Leopard Creek at BrownB4Report
Long CanyonB4Report
Lower Little Dolores RiverB4Report
Mavreeso Canyon-Cottonwood CreekB4Report
Naturita Creek at Coventry HillB4Report
Navajo Lake TrailB4Report
Payne WashB4Report
Priest GulchB4Report
Prospect Basin/Alta LakesB4Report
Saltado CreekB4Report
Silver Creek and Johnny Bull CreekB4Report
Snow Spur TributaryB4Report
The Coal Creek MeadowsB4Report
West Paradox CreekB4Report
Willow Creek at Groundhog MountainB4Report
Willow SpringB4Report
Wilson MeadowsB4Report
Gypsum GapB5Report
Little Taylor CreekB5Report
West Creek at Fall CreekB5Report