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The Upper Gunnison Subbasin

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Potential Conservation Areas (PCAs) are delineated around important elements of biodiversity (plants, animals or natural communities). The list below includes all PCAs within the subbasin created for wetland and riparian dependent elements. This list represents wetlands and riparian areas with the highest known biodiversity value in the area.

PCA NameBiodiversity SignificancePCA Report
Gunnison BasinB1Report
East Fork Alpine GulchB2Report
Gunnison RiverB2Report
Matterhorn CreekB2Report
Mineral CreekB2Report
Red Canyon SouthB2Report
Slumgullion CreekB2Report
Upper Rough CreekB2Report
Wager GulchB2Report
Beaver Creek at Gunnison State Wildlife AreaB3Report
Blue Creek at Curecanti NeedleB3Report
Brush Creek at Cannibal PointB3Report
Cebolla CreekB3Report
Cerro SummitB3Report
Cimarron RiverB3Report
Coal CreekB3Report
Cow Creek at Soap CreekB3Report
East Elk Creek at Blue Mesa ReservoirB3Report
East Fork Cimarron RiverB3Report
East Fork Powderhorn CreekB3Report
Gunnison River at NeversinkB3Report
Henson CreekB3Report
Lake Fork Gunnison River at Blue Mesa ReservoirB3Report
Lake Fork of the Gunnison RiverB3Report
Little Cimarron RiverB3Report
North Castle CreekB3Report
Stevens CreekB3Report
West Antelope CreekB3Report
American FlatsB4Report
Cleveland GulchB4Report
Gunnison River at AlmontB4Report
Gunnison River at East PortalB4Report
North ForkB4Report
Soap CreekB4Report
Upper Big Blue CreekB4Report
Upper Rambouillet ParkB4Report
Big Blue CampgroundB5Report
Smith Fork at CrawfordB5Report