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The Rio Grande Headwaters Basin

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Potential Conservation Areas (PCAs) are delineated around important elements of biodiversity (plants, animals or natural communities). The list below includes all PCAs within the basin created for wetland and riparian dependent elements. This list represents wetlands and riparian areas with the highest known biodiversity value in the area.

PCA NameBiodiversity SignificancePCA Report
Antelope SpringsB2Report
Baca Grande and ReserveB2Report
Blanca WetlandsB2Report
Cedar CanyonB2Report
Cottonwood Creek-Western SangresB2Report
Deadman Creek-Western SangresB2Report
Dimick GulchB2Report
Groundhog ParkB2Report
Hot CreekB2Report
La Manga CreekB2Report
Mishak LakesB2Report
North Fork Trinchera CreekB2Report
Rio Grande at Alamosa National Wildlife RefugeB2Report
Russell LakesB2Report
San Luis LakesB2Report
Sangre de Cristo CreekB2Report
Spanish CreekB2Report
Spring Creek at Greenie MountainB2Report
Upper Medano CreekB2Report
Adams Fork of Conejos RiverB3Report
Alamosa River at De La Luz CemeteryB3Report
Alamosa River at Government ParkB3Report
Alamosito CreekB3Report
Bear Creek below Simmons PeakB3Report
Bennett Creek SouthB3Report
Blanca Greasewood FlatsB3Report
Bowen Ditch PlayasB3Report
Carnero CreekB3Report
Cascade Creek at OsierB3Report
Conejos River at Menkhaven RanchB3Report
Conejos River at Spectacle LakeB3Report
Cotton CreekB3Report
Cuates CreekB3Report
Decker CreekB3Report
Elephant RocksB3Report
Elk Meadows FenB3Report
Ford CreekB3Report
Goose Creek-Mineral CountyB3Report
Hansen Bluffs SeepsB3Report
Highway SpringB3Report
Houselog CreekB3Report
Jacks Creek CemeteryB3Report
Jaroso CreekB3Report
Jumper and Trout CreeksB3Report
Kelly CreekB3Report
Lake ForkB3Report
Little Ute CreekB3Report
Lower Rock CreekB3Report
Luder CreekB3Report
McIntire SpringsB3Report
Navajo RiverB3Report
Osier CreekB3Report
Piedra RiverB3Report
Playa BlancaB3Report
Pole CreekB3Report
Rio ChamaB3Report
Rio GrandeB3Report
Rio Grande at Pole Creek MountainB3Report
Rio Grande at Trinchera CreekB3Report
Rito Alto PeakB3Report
Saguache CreekB3Report
San Francisco LakesB3Report
Slaughterhouse CreekB3Report
South Crestone CreekB3Report
South Fork of the Conejos River and Hansen CreekB3Report
South Vallejos Creek (Vallejos Creek No. 2)B3Report
Southwest Cumbres PassB3Report
Squaw Creek at Chief MountainB3Report
Torcido CreekB3Report
Trinchera Creek below Smith ReservoirB3Report
Villa GroveB3Report
Weisman LakesB3Report
West Alder CreekB3Report
Willow Creek-Western SangresB3Report
Bar NI RanchB4Report
Conejos River at PlatoroB4Report
Cutthroat Trout Ponds in Mineral CountyB4Report
East Middle CreekB4Report
El Rito AzulB4Report
Headwaters of Summit CreekB4Report
Jim CreekB4Report
Middle Fork of the Conejos RiverB4Report
Moffat PlayaB4Report
North Vallejos CreekB4Report
Pass Creek at South Fork Rio GrandeB4Report
Red Mountain CreekB4Report
Rio Grande at State LineB4Report
Rio San AntonioB4Report
Rito GatoB4Report
Sego SpringsB4Report
Torsido CreekB4Report
Wild Cherry CreekB4Report
Adams LakeB5Report
La GaritaB5Report
Rio Grande at Embargo CreekB5Report
Trujillo MeadowsB5Report