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The Upper Arkansas Subbasin

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Potential Conservation Areas (PCAs) are delineated around important elements of biodiversity (plants, animals or natural communities). The list below includes all PCAs within the subbasin created for wetland and riparian dependent elements. This list represents wetlands and riparian areas with the highest known biodiversity value in the area.

PCA NameBiodiversity SignificancePCA Report
Beaver Creek at Sugar LoafB2Report
Felch CreekB2Report
Grape CreekB2Report
Greenhorn CreekB2Report
Little High Creek at Booger Red HillB2Report
Little MackB2Report
Phantom Canyon of Eightmile CreekB2Report
South SlopeB2Report
Central Arkansas PlayasB3Report
Chandler CreekB3Report
Dry Creek at Antelope ParkB3Report
East Bear GulchB3Report
Fourmile Creek at Dome RockB3Report
Lion CanyonB3Report
Red Creek CanyonB3Report
Saint Charles River at 3RB3Report
Sheep Mountain at Bison ReservoirB3Report
South Apache CreekB3Report
Wilson CreekB3Report
Barnard Creek in Box CanyonB4Report
East Fork of West Beaver CreekB4Report
Horsethief ParkB4Report
South Platte RiverB4Report
Straub MountainB4Report
Brush Hollow ReservoirB5Report
Eight Mile MarshB5Report
Fountain CreekB5Report
North CreekB5Report
Pueblo Mountain ParkB5Report
Sixmile CreekB5Report
Slater CreekB5Report