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The South Platte Basin

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Potential Conservation Areas (PCAs) are delineated around important elements of biodiversity (plants, animals or natural communities). The list below includes all PCAs within the basin created for wetland and riparian dependent elements. This list represents wetlands and riparian areas with the highest known biodiversity value in the area.

PCA NameBiodiversity SignificancePCA Report
Elk FallsB1Report
Hankins GulchB1Report
Mosquito RangeB1Report
Red Hill south of LyonsB1Report
Saint Vrain MountainB1Report
Young Gulch and Elkhorn CreekB1Report
Antero ReservoirB2Report
Bear Creek at South Platte CanyonB2Report
Beaver Creek at Beaver RidgeB2Report
Big Sandy Creek at MathesonB2Report
Black Mountain at Aspen ParkB2Report
Black Mountain CreekB2Report
Boulder FoothillsB2Report
Boxelder Creek HeadwatersB2Report
Buffalo Redskin CreeksB2Report
Chapin CreekB2Report
Clear Creek to GoldenB2Report
Duck LakeB2Report
Eagles NestB2Report
East Lost ParkB2Report
Fourmile Creek at PeartB2Report
Fremont's FenB2Report
Geneva ParkB2Report
Gordon CreekB2Report
Handcart GulchB2Report
High CreekB2Report
Horseshoe ParkB2Report
Horsetooth Reservoir HogbacksB2Report
Jefferson and Guernsey CreeksB2Report
Long Gulch at Platte River MountainsB2Report
Lost ParkB2Report
Lower Tarryall CreekB2Report
Mammoth GulchB2Report
Manchester CreekB2Report
Meadow Springs RanchB2Report
Middle Ralston CreekB2Report
North Fork South PlatteB2Report
North Tarryall Creek at ComoB2Report
Old Fall River RoadB2Report
Prospect ParkB2Report
Rocky FlatsB2Report
Sacramento CreekB2Report
South Boulder CreekB2Report
South Fork of South Platte RiverB2Report
South ParkB2Report
South Platte River at Atwood State Wildlife AreaB2Report
South Platte River at Hadfield IslandB2Report
Upper Fourmile CreekB2Report
Beaver CreekB3Report
Beaver Creek at Last ChanceB3Report
Bergen Peak EastB3Report
Big Thompson RiverB3Report
Black Hollow CreekB3Report
Boulder CreekB3Report
Brannigan SpringsB3Report
Buffalo MeadowsB3Report
Cache la Poudre RiverB3Report
Cache la Poudre River at Hewlett GulchB3Report
Cache la Poudre River at Indian MeadowsB3Report
Cache la Poudre River at Peterson LakeB3Report
Castlewood Canyon State ParkB3Report
Casto CreekB3Report
Cedar PointB3Report
Ceran Saint VrainB3Report
Coal Creek below Rocky FlatsB3Report
Como CreekB3Report
Coney CreekB3Report
Copeland Willow CarrB3Report
Cressmans GulchB3Report
Crooked Creek SpringB3Report
Crystal Creek near Cedar Mountain RoadB3Report
Deer Creek CanyonB3Report
Delonde CreekB3Report
Devils Head at Jackson CreekB3Report
Dry Creek at Antelope ParkB3Report
Duck Lake above WardB3Report
East Plum CreekB3Report
Elevenmile CanyonB3Report
Elkhorn Creek at Bellaire LakeB3Report
Garber CreekB3Report
Geneva Park NorthB3Report
Goose CreekB3Report
Hague CreekB3Report
Hidden Valley CreekB3Report
Hollthusen Gulch/Tarryall Creek FenB3Report
Jenny LakeB3Report
Kiowa Creek at KiowaB3Report
Left Hand CanyonB3Report
Long Draw TrailB3Report
Lost Lake SouthB3Report
Lower South Boulder CreekB3Report
Massey DrawB3Report
Maxwell Creek at Brook ForestB3Report
May CreekB3Report
McCurdy ParkB3Report
Middle and Upper South Boulder CreekB3Report
Middle Boulder Creek at EldoraB3Report
Middle Fork South Platte RiverB3Report
Middle Saint Vrain Creek at Peaceful ValleyB3Report
Moraine ParkB3Report
Mount TomB3Report
North Beaver CreekB3Report
North Boulder Creek at Caribou RanchB3Report
North Fork of Little Thompson RiverB3Report
North Garber CreekB3Report
North Poudre RiverB3Report
North Poudre River at Trails EndB3Report
Old RailroadB3Report
Panhandle CreekB3Report
Pennock CreekB3Report
Pine Creek at South PlatteB3Report
Quigley MountainB3Report
Roaring ForkB3Report
Roaring RiverB3Report
Ruby CreekB3Report
South Fork Cache la PoudreB3Report
South Fork South Platte FenB3Report
South JeffersonB3Report
South Platte at MessexB3Report
South Platte River at Wildcat CreekB3Report
Spottlewood CreekB3Report
Trout CreekB3Report
Trout Creek at Manitou Experimental ForestB3Report
Trout Creek at Sheep CreekB3Report
Tumblesom LakeB3Report
Turkey Creek at South Platte CanyonB3Report
Unnamed Creek at East White Pine MountainB3Report
Upper Clear CreekB3Report
Upper Coal Creek CanyonB3Report
Upper Sheep CreekB3Report
West CreekB3Report
West Fork Roaring RiverB3Report
West Kiowa Creek at ElbertB3Report
Williams GulchB3Report
Arapahoe LakesB4Report
Berrian MountainB4Report
Blue SpringsB4Report
Brush ParkB4Report
Buffalo SiteB4Report
Cache la Poudre River at Bliss State Wildlife AreaB4Report
Cache la Poudre River at Greyrock Trail HeadB4Report
Cache la Poudre River at Kelly FlatsB4Report
Caribou TownsiteB4Report
Coal Creek below Thomas Lake ReservoirB4Report
Cotton Sheep CampB4Report
Cow Creek at Boulder RidgeB4Report
Crazy GulchB4Report
Daves DrawB4Report
Elk ParkB4Report
Elsworth CreekB4Report
Florissant at Hornbek HomesteadB4Report
Forest LakesB4Report
George CreekB4Report
Giggey LakeB4Report
Guanella PassB4Report
Iceberg LakeB4Report
James PeakB4Report
John's GulchB4Report
Lake PastureB4Report
Left Hand CreekB4Report
Left Hand Park ReservoirB4Report
Little AgateB4Report
Little Thompson River at County LineB4Report
Lone Tree CreekB4Report
Lower Willow CreekB4Report
Macy GulchB4Report
Middle Saint Vrain at Coney CreekB4Report
Miner's GulchB4Report
North Turkey CreekB4Report
Perry ParkB4Report
Quinlan GulchB4Report
Ralston CreekB4Report
Riverside ReservoirB4Report
Rogers UnitB4Report
Rollins PassB4Report
Round Mountain SouthB4Report
Saint Vrain Creek below LyonsB4Report
Sheep Creek PondsB4Report
South Platte RiverB4Report
South Platte River at BalzacB4Report
Stanley MountainB4Report
Temple RanchB4Report
Todd Gulch FenB4Report
Trail CreekB4Report
Trap ParkB4Report
Twomile Creek at State Hwy 71B4Report
Upper Crystola CreekB4Report
Upper Jasper CreekB4Report
Wellington LakeB4Report
West Bijou Creek at 86B4Report
West Bijou Creek at ByersB4Report
White RocksB4Report
Barr LakeB5Report
Chambers Lake CampgroundB5Report
Cherry Creek Lake EastB5Report
Clear Lake CampgroundB5Report
Coil RanchB5Report
Eastman CreekB5Report
Flat Top Mountain EastB5Report
Georgetown WestB5Report
Green LakesB5Report
Hallowell ParkB5Report
Jack SpringsB5Report
Jackson CreekB5Report
Lower Latham ReservoirB5Report
Mount Lindo to Plymouth MountainB5Report
North Elk CreekB5Report
North SchoolB5Report
Owl Creek SouthB5Report
Red Hill RanchB5Report
Saint Vrain CreekB5Report
Saint Vrain NorthB5Report
Silver Plume SouthB5Report
South Boulder Canyon DitchB5Report
South Platte River at Bijou CreekB5Report
Trout Creek FenB5Report
Upper Grape CreekB5Report
Witter SouthB5Report
Wolhurst NorthB5Report