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The North Platte Basin

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Potential Conservation Areas (PCAs) are delineated around important elements of biodiversity (plants, animals or natural communities). The list below includes all PCAs within the basin created for wetland and riparian dependent elements. This list represents wetlands and riparian areas with the highest known biodiversity value in the area.

PCA NameBiodiversity SignificancePCA Report
Big Creek LakesB2Report
Arapaho LakesB3Report
Chedsey CreekB3Report
Horse ParkB3Report
Illinois River at RandB3Report
Indian Creek at Owl MountainB3Report
Little Grizzly CreekB3Report
Lone Pine PondsB3Report
McIntyre CreekB3Report
Michigan RiverB3Report
North Boettcher LakeB3Report
North Fork of North Platte RiverB3Report
Nunn CreekB3Report
Panhandle CreekB3Report
Rock Creek at Green RidgeB3Report
Sawmill LakesB3Report
Soda Springs at Watson MountainB3Report
South Fork Michigan RiverB3Report
Trout Creek at Sheep CreekB3Report
Boston Creek FenB4Report
Crystal SpringB4Report
East Sand Creek FenB4Report
Horsethief PeakB4Report
Illinois River and ReservoirsB4Report
Jimmy Creek at Frenchwoman CreekB4Report
Little Hohnholz LakeB4Report
Lower Jimmy Creek SpringB4Report
Sand Creek below Boulder RidgeB4Report
Terrace PondsB4Report
Chambers Lake CampgroundB5Report
Colorado and Little Grizzly CreeksB5Report
Lily Lake at Calamity PassB5Report
Skyline Campground NorthB5Report
Willow ParkB5Report