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View Data Summaries

Four different summary reports are available for each geographic area:

  • Wetland profiles that describe the general geography of the area, the extent of wetland mapping, and the acreage of various wetland classes mapped by National Wetland Inventory
  • A list of CNHP’s wetland and riparian dependent PCAs within the area, including a link to the individual PCA reports
  • A list of CNHP’s tracked wetland and riparian dependent elements (plants, animals, and natural communities) found within the area, including a count of known occurrences
  • A list of CNHP reports for projects that include information on wetland and riparian areas either within the specific area or applicable across the state or region

To access the profiles and summary reports, first select a geographic scale:

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Colorado Headwaters


North Platte


Rio Grande Headwaters

South Platte

Upper Arkansas

Upper Colorado-Dolores

Upper San Juan