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The Westwater Canyon Subbasin

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Tracked elements of biodiversity include animals, plants, and natural communities that are uncommon either globally or within the state of Colorado. The list below includes all wetland and riparian dependent elements found within the subbasin and the count of known occurrences.

  • Amphibians

State Scientific NameState Common NameGRankSRankCount
Hyla arenicolorCanyon TreefrogG5S22
Spea intermontanaGreat Basin SpadefootG5S35
  • Birds

State Scientific NameState Common NameGRankSRankCount
Centrocercus minimusGunnison Sage GrouseG2G3S13
Numenius americanusLong-billed CurlewG5S2B1
  • Fish

State Scientific NameState Common NameGRankSRankCount
Oncorhynchus clarkii pleuriticusColorado River Cutthroat TroutG4T3S32
  • Natural Communities

State Scientific NameState Common NameGRankSRankCount
Alnus incana / Cornus sericea ShrublandThinleaf Alder-Red-osier Dogwood Riparian ShrublandG3G4S31
Betula occidentalis / Cornus sericea ShrublandLower Montane Riparian ShrublandsG3S12
Betula occidentalis / Maianthemum stellatum ShrublandFoothills Riparian ShrublandG4?S31
Cornus sericea ShrublandFoothills Riparian ShrublandG4QS21
Juniperus scopulorum / Cornus sericea WoodlandRiparian WoodlandG4S21
Picea pungens / Cornus sericea WoodlandMontane Riparian ForestG4S21
Populus deltoides ssp. wislizeni / Salix exigua WoodlandFremonts Cottonwood Riparian ForestsG3S11