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The Cimarron Headwaters Subbasin

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Tracked elements of biodiversity include animals, plants, and natural communities that are uncommon either globally or within the state of Colorado. The list below includes all wetland and riparian dependent elements found within the subbasin and the count of known occurrences.

  • Amphibians

State Scientific NameState Common NameGRankSRankCount
Gastrophryne olivaceaWestern Narrow-mouthed ToadG5S15
Hyla arenicolorCanyon TreefrogG5S22
Lithobates blairiPlains Leopard FrogG5S39
  • Birds

State Scientific NameState Common NameGRankSRankCount
Melanerpes lewisLewis's WoodpeckerG4S410
Numenius americanusLong-billed CurlewG5S2B10