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Montrose County

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Tracked elements of biodiversity include animals, plants, and natural communities that are uncommon either globally or within the state of Colorado. The list below includes all wetland and riparian dependent elements found within the county and the count of known occurrences.

  • Amphibians

State Scientific NameState Common NameGRankSRankCount
Hyla arenicolorCanyon TreefrogG5S25
Lithobates pipiensNorthern Leopard FrogG5S33
  • Birds

State Scientific NameState Common NameGRankSRankCount
Centrocercus minimusGunnison Sage GrouseG2G3S13
Haliaeetus leucocephalusBald EagleG5S1B,S3N2
Melanerpes lewisLewis's WoodpeckerG4S47
  • Fish

State Scientific NameState Common NameGRankSRankCount
Oncorhynchus clarkii pleuriticusColorado River Cutthroat TroutG4T3S310
  • Insects

State Scientific NameState Common NameGRankSRankCount
Speyeria nokomis nokomisGreat Basin Silverspot ButterflyG3T1S12
  • Mollusks

State Scientific NameState Common NameGRankSRankCount
Physa utahensisBanded PhysaG5T2S11
  • Natural Communities

State Scientific NameState Common NameGRankSRankCount
Acer negundo / Betula occidentalis WoodlandBoxelder/River BirchG1G2S13
Alnus incana / Mesic Graminoids ShrublandMontane Riparian ShrublandG3S26
Aquilegia micrantha - Mimulus eastwoodiae Herbaceous VegetationHanging GardensG2G3S218
Betula occidentalis / Maianthemum stellatum ShrublandFoothills Riparian ShrublandG4?S31
Betula occidentalis / Mesic Graminoids ShrublandLower Montane Riparian ShrublandsG3S219
Eleocharis rostellata Herbaceous VegetationEmergent WetlandG3S21
Forestiera pubescens ShrublandFoothills Riparian ShrublandG1G2S227
Picea pungens / Alnus incana WoodlandMontane Riparian ForestsG3S34
Picea pungens / Cornus sericea WoodlandMontane Riparian ForestG4S27
Populus angustifolia - Juniperus scopulorum WoodlandMontane Riparian ForestG2G3S31
Populus angustifolia - Picea pungens / Alnus incana WoodlandMontane Riparian ForestsG3S312
Populus angustifolia - Pseudotsuga menziesii WoodlandMontane Riparian ForestG3S21
Populus angustifolia / Alnus incana WoodlandMontane Riparian ForestG3S36
Populus angustifolia / Rhus trilobata WoodlandNarrowleaf Cottonwood/SkunkbrushG3S3109
Populus angustifolia / Salix ligulifolia - Shepherdia argentea WoodlandNarrowleaf Cottonwood Riparian ForestsG1S312
Populus deltoides ssp. wislizeni / Rhus trilobata WoodlandFremont's Cottonwood Riparian ForestsG2S311
Populus deltoides ssp. wislizeni / Salix exigua WoodlandFremonts Cottonwood Riparian ForestsG3S116
Pseudotsuga menziesii / Cornus sericea WoodlandLower Montane Riparian ForestsG4S23
Rhus trilobata ShrublandSkunkbrush Riparian ShrublandG2S232
Sarcobatus vermiculatus / Suaeda moquinii ShrublandSaline Bottomland ShrublandsGUQS22
Shepherdia argentea ShrublandFoothills Riparian ShrublandG3G4S213
Spartina gracilis Herbaceous VegetationWestern Slope Salt MeadowsGUS12
Sporobolus airoides Southern Plains Herbaceous VegetationGreat Plains Salt MeadowsG3QS23
  • Vascular Plants

State Scientific NameState Common NameGRankSRankCount
Epipactis giganteagiant helleborineG4S1S232
Erigeron kachinensisKachina daisyG2S110
Mimulus eastwoodiaeEastwood monkey-flowerG3G4S1S229
Sullivantia hapemanii var. purpusiiHanging Garden sullivantiaG3T3S31
Trifolium kingiiKing's cloverG5S14