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Tracked elements of biodiversity include animals, plants, and natural communities that are uncommon either globally or within the state of Colorado. The list below includes all wetland and riparian dependent elements found within the county and the count of known occurrences.

  • Amphibians

State Scientific NameState Common NameGRankSRankCount
Anaxyrus boreas pop. 1Boreal Toad (Southern Rocky Mountain Population)G4T1QS17
  • Natural Communities

State Scientific NameState Common NameGRankSRankCount
Phippsia algida Herbaceous VegetationAlpine WetlandsGUS17
Picea pungens / Equisetum arvense WoodlandMontane Riparian ForestG3?S11
Salix geyeriana - Salix monticola / Mesic Forbs ShrublandGeyer's Willow-Rocky Mountain Willow/Mesic ForbG3S31
Salix geyeriana / Carex aquatilis ShrublandMontane Willow CarrG3S23
Salix ligulifolia ShrublandMontane Willow CarrG2G3S31
Salix monticola / Carex utriculata ShrublandMontane Riparian Willow CarrG3S31
Salix wolfii / Carex aquatilis ShrublandSubalpine Riparian Willow CarrG4S33
  • Vascular Plants

State Scientific NameState Common NameGRankSRankCount
Carex scirpoideaCanadian single-spike sedgeG5S24
Eriophorum altaicum var. neogaeumAltai cottongrassG4?T3T4S34
Eutrema penlandiiMosquito Range mustardG1G2S1S22
Liatris ligulistylisgay-featherG5?S21
Listera borealisnorthern twaybladeG4S21
Phippsia algidasnow grassG5S211
Ptilagrostis porteriPorter feathergrassG2S21
Salix candidahoary or silver willowG5S22