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Tracked elements of biodiversity include animals, plants, and natural communities that are uncommon either globally or within the state of Colorado. The list below includes all wetland and riparian dependent elements found within the county and the count of known occurrences.

  • Amphibians

State Scientific NameState Common NameGRankSRankCount
Anaxyrus boreas pop. 1Boreal Toad (Southern Rocky Mountain Population)G4T1QS15
  • Birds

State Scientific NameState Common NameGRankSRankCount
Asio flammeusShort-eared OwlG5S2B5
Cypseloides nigerBlack SwiftG4S3B2
Haliaeetus leucocephalusBald EagleG5S1B,S3N9
  • Fish

State Scientific NameState Common NameGRankSRankCount
Catostomus plebeiusRio Grande SuckerG3G4S12
Gila pandoraRio Grande ChubG3S1?12
Oncorhynchus clarkii pleuriticusColorado River Cutthroat TroutG4T3S33
Oncorhynchus clarkii virginalisRio Grande Cutthroat TroutG4T3S330
  • Insects

State Scientific NameState Common NameGRankSRankCount
Speyeria nokomis nokomisGreat Basin Silverspot ButterflyG3T1S11
  • Mollusks

State Scientific NameState Common NameGRankSRankCount
Valvata sinceraMossy ValvataG5S31
  • Natural Communities

State Scientific NameState Common NameGRankSRankCount
Alnus incana - Salix (monticola, lucida, ligulifolia) ShrublandThinleaf Alder-Mixed Willow SpeciesG3S34
Alnus incana / Mesic Forbs ShrublandThinleaf Alder/Mesic Forb Riparian ShrublandG3S31
Carex pellita Herbaceous VegetationMontane Wet MeadowsG3S23
Cornus sericea ShrublandFoothills Riparian ShrublandG4QS21
Picea pungens / Cornus sericea WoodlandMontane Riparian ForestG4S21
Populus angustifolia - Picea pungens / Alnus incana WoodlandMontane Riparian ForestsG3S37
Populus angustifolia / Alnus incana WoodlandMontane Riparian ForestG3S35
Populus angustifolia / Salix (monticola, drummondiana, lucida) WoodlandNarrowleaf Cottonwood/Mixed Willows Montane Riparian ForestG3S21
Salix geyeriana - Salix monticola / Mesic Forbs ShrublandGeyer's Willow-Rocky Mountain Willow/Mesic ForbG3S31
Salix ligulifolia ShrublandMontane Willow CarrG2G3S35
Salix monticola / Calamagrostis canadensis ShrublandMontane Willow CarrG3S33
Salix monticola / Carex aquatilis ShrublandMontane Riparian Willow CarrG3S23
Salix monticola / Mesic Graminoids ShrublandMontane Riparian Willow CarrG3S36
Sparganium angustifolium Herbaceous VegetationMontane Floating/submergent Palustrine WetlandsG4S21
Sparganium eurycarpum Herbaceous VegetationFoothills/Plains Floating/Submergent Palustrine WetlandsG4S13
  • Vascular Plants

State Scientific NameState Common NameGRankSRankCount
Carex limosamud sedgeG5S23
Carex oreocharisa sedgeG3S22
Eriophorum altaicum var. neogaeumAltai cottongrassG4?T3T4S32
Isoetes setacea ssp. muricataspiny-spored quillwortG5?T5?S28
Peritoma multicaulisslender spiderflowerG2G3S2S33
Salix arizonicaArizona willowG2G3S11