Set the stage for the workshop. Tutorials to bring conservation and information scientists on equal footing. Demonstrate state-of-the-art in web based conservation information delivery systems.
Identify and prioritize the central issues driving the need for an internet-based data system. Specifically, the questions regarding "What are the needs?" and "What needs are not being adequately met?" will be addressed and identify possible constraints or issues for development of the data system. The discussion will focus on a more systematic and detailed enumeration of needs such as identifying potential inter-jurisdictional data discrepancies, developing a process for resolving discrepancies, desired content, human and financial issues or constraints, political implications, data sensitivity, international issues, and management of personnel and information.
Identify what databases currently exist in the Network and how the data are currently managed. Discuss the possible advantages, choices, complications, and costs associated with distributed databases. Other topics to be discussed include scalability, quality assurance and control, consistency and integrity of data, security and authentication, design considerations, web-based applications, and other tools currently available.
Develop a set of strategies for addressing conceptual design, data management, technology, organizational structure, identifying the expertise and resources needed for implementation, and generation of a list of participants for writing the strategic action plan.

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